Quick Reminders

First, we are all thankful that we did not have more severe damage in Heatherbrook. Certainly some of us sustained damage and we will continue to support each other as well as our neighbors in the Greater Valley Ponds Community that received even greater damage!

As we are having work done to our properties, please remember to have contractors use your driveway for their vehicles. Owners may place a vehicle into one of the guest lots to facilitate your needs, but please drop us an email so we know what your needs are for coordination.

As a reminder, use your own garage and driveway for vehicles – your own and your guest’s. This allows us to have enough space for occasional use by residents having work on their properties, plus capacity for our family and friends. If you have multiple vehicles in the guest lots, please refrain.

Speeding is again an issue. There are far too many vehicles well over the speed limit on our busy and narrow street. Please slow down – residents and guests.

Everyone is reminded to walk your dogs away from the homes…. this has not been a big issue, but we are seeing people we do not recognize with dogs between our homes and all over yards….. please ask these folks to walk their dogs elsewhere. Dogs can be walked along common tree lines, or as many do, take your dog behind the 200 block guest parking area. As always, we are responsible to remove waste immediately.

Lastly, the pool will be re-opened as soon as a new permanent fence can be installed and the new safety equipment is procured. This is in the works, so hopefully it will be back in business relatively quickly.

Have a great Summer!