Let us know about parking in guest

If you need to use guest parking as a homeowner, we only ask that you let the HOA / Paula Babb know. Just drop us an email with what your needs are and for how long. If you have an extended need, we may ask you to use the 200 block parking area, but this would be on a case-by-case basis. Short-term use is not typically an issue, we just ask that the HOA is notified.

Just let us know.

Christmas Reminders – Decorations and Trees

Christmas decorations outside the home should have been removed by the 15th, Please do not use your lights and remove all decorations outside your homes, including wreaths etc.

Live Christmas Tree Collections days b are as follows: 

                                                   January 11

                                                   January 18

                                                   January 25

The 25th will be your last opportunity to have Mountz remove your tree. Please store inside your garage until they are picked up, not outside your home or your driveway.

Reminder on Use of “Resident Only” Spaces

There are 10 spaces designated for resident-only use. They are split between our two parking lots. Parking in a guest-designated parking spot is not permitted. Please use your own garage, driveway as your primary means of parking. The 10 designated resident-only spots are for convenience and are not guaranteed at any given time, as is consistent with our rules and regulations. It is up to residents to use either of the two lots to find a space for your vehicle, if available and not use a guest spot out of convenience.

New Deck Stain Chosen – Benjamin Moore ES-24 California Rustic – solid stain

We have chosen a new deck stain, as to be more specific and gain a standard appearance to our community. As most decks are aging, solid stains are now the standard product for use.  These include the stain code (Benjamin Moore ES-24 California Rustic – solid stain).  The codes will also work for Valspar and other products, allowing more flexibility in brands for our owners, while maintaining a consistent appearance.  Lowes can do a color match easily with the above code in solid finish.

48 Hours in Resident Parking

Reminder: Vehicles located in the new “Resident Parking Only” spaces need to be moved/removed every 48 hours. These spaces are for short term use and not “storage”, consistent with the declarations. Our hope is that everyone enjoys this new flexibility!!

Resident Only Parking

As many of you have seen, the spots dedicated to resident parking have been marked. The new rules and regulations that go with their use are also on the way and will be posted here shortly. The highlights: 1) Spaces are for resident use only 2) Your vehicle can not be in the spot for greater than 48 hours – as is consistent with the rules, no storage. 3) If the 10 spaces are taken, residents need to use your driveway and garage… please do not take a guest spot as a resident. These spots are to provide additional flexibility for our residents, but they do not take the place of your garage and driveway. We will continue to reevaluate the effectiveness of this action on a quarterly basis.

Spring Reminders

Everyone should have had their planting beds mulched by now! Happy Spring!

a few quick reminders……

Dog waste trash cans are to be kept in your garage. They are simply a trash can of a different sort and still need to remain in garages, in order to maintain the appearance of our community.

If you have brown patches in the grass around your home and allow your pet to relieve itself near your home, the homeowner is responsible to “fix” these areas of the grass. We recommend walking your dog away from your the homes in general. Behind the 200 block parking lot is a fine area. If you are walking down the street, please keep your pets from the tree lines, to the street, to be respectful of other homeowners.

Please take a look at your deck, doors, steps, paint and driveway. If they need cleaning or staining, please take steps in the upcoming weeks.

Parking News!

All Residents:

As everyone is aware, in our community the overflow parking spaces are allotted for “GUEST PARKING” only.  This has been an issue with some residents. 

This year, the Board has taken the resident feedback under consideration again and has developed a plan to attempt and accommodate the needs of the community, while preserving our home values with allocated and ample parking reserved for each homeowner’s guests.

The board decided to free up ten of the parking spaces for resident use, on a temporary basis.  This will be allocated. As five spaces in each of the parking areas. A few parameters go along with their use:

  • Residents must use their garage and driveway to the fullest extent as is the current policy.  Do not rely on one of the spaces being open for your continued use. 
  • Garages are for vehicles, as aligned to the rules and regulations.
  • Parking spots for residents will be labeled as such and are for Resident Use Only.
  • Parking spots are NOT for any one resident to use permanently.
  • Parking spots may be used by residents, on a interim basis, for a maximum of 48 hours.  No storage of vehicles, as is the current rule.
  • Please do not use any of the other “Guest” spaces if the initial ten Resident spots are full.  You will be required to use your own driveway and garage if one of the ten spots are not available to you.
  • Violations are subject to fines and/or towing, consistent with the current rules and regulations.

We hope this accommodates some of the community needs around parking flexibility.  We know there is no panacea to this issue, but do believe this will alleviate much of the desire for flexibility on a short-term basis. We are asking everyone to please not use a space if it is not necessary.

    We will be updating the rules and regulation to accommodate this new rule.  Once the Rules and Regulations are updated, a copy will be sent to each homeowner and the lettering will be completed.  You will be notified  once that is complete that the ten spots may be utilized.  Until the above official notice is sent, please continue to abide by the current Rules and Regulations.

Please call Paula babb at Zuber Realty with any questions.

Board Members Needed

We have had two board members move out of the community in the past few weeks. We have an immediate need to two board members and will look to continue and have five board members next year. Please call Paula Babb if you are interesting in helping.