Forms & Documents


ACH Withdrawal Authorization Form
Use this form to have your HOA fee automatically deducted from a checking or savings account each month.

Architectural & Landscaping Alteration Request Form
Submit this form to obtain Board approval if you want to make changes to your property such as adding a storm door, installing a satellite TV dish, have a storage container on your deck or patio, make landscaping changes, etc.

Heatherbrook Annual Census Form
Annual form updating the Association with demographic information about those living in the home as well as pet and vehicle information.

Chart of Common Maintenance Responsibilities
This form outlines which maintenance responsibilities belong to the Association and which belong to the Homeowner.

Pool Pass and Resident Information Form
Residents of Heatherbrook must complete this form to obtain a Pool Pass from Valley Ponds.

Valley Ponds Clubhouse Rental Agreement
Contains information about renting the Valley Ponds Clubhouse.


Heatherbrook Rules & Regulations Revised 05-15-2023_Final

SDS - Fertilizer
SDS - Grub Control
SDS - Insect Control
SDS - Weed Control
SDS - Weed Control 2

6-9-2017 Homeowner Communication Zuber Realty
This communication announces the new payment address and contact information of our new management company Zuber Realty.

5-15-2017 Homeowner Communication
Provides updates about mulch, landscaping, paving, community yard sale, and the announcement of a general meeting to be held on May 25, 2017 at 7pm at the Valley Ponds Clubhouse.

4-27-2017 Notice of Final Paving of Heather Way
Communication to residents that the final paving of Heather Way is tentatively scheduled for late May/early June. Guest Lots must be completely empty during this time.

4-27-2017 Homeowner Communication
Announced our new website and included a revised copy of the Heatherbrook Rules & Regulations ,  a Heatherbrook Annual Census Form residents are to complete and forward to Heatherbrook HOA, and a Notice of Final Paving of Heather Way  tentatively scheduled for late May/early June.

3-3-2017 Homeowner Communication

Contains reminders about Pet, Trash, and Parking rules.

4-14-2016 Homeowner Communication

Reminder about Trash rules.

2-02-2016 Homeowner Communication

Communication includes reminder that Residents are to park in their own garages and driveways and not in the Guest Lots. Residents are also responsible for their Guests.

12-28-2015 Homeowner Communication

This communication informed residents that driveway snow removal was no longer being performed to avoid snow assessments in the future.