Valley Ponds Clubhouse Rental Procedure

Heatherbrook Residents,

We would like to make sure everyone is aware of the procedure for renting the Valley Ponds Clubhouse.  To reserve the clubhouse for your event, you will need to do the following:

1.  Download and complete the Valley Ponds Clubhouse Rental Agreement  available on our website in the Forms & Documents section.

2.  Reserve the date of your rental. The Valley Ponds Clubhouse Rental contact person is Jean Sparks and she can be reached at (610) 286-3032. You may call to verify that the date you wish to rent the clubhouse is available but you will need to arrange to visit the Morgantown Zuber Office in person at 3319 Main Street, Morgantown, PA 19543 to drop off your contract, payment, and security deposit. Contracts are no longer to be sent by postal mail.

3. You will need to write two checks made payable to “Valley Ponds”.  Write one check in the amount of $50 which is the actual rental fee and will be cashed immediately. This is nonrefundable. Write the second check in the amount of $100 which is the rental security deposit.  This one will not be cashed immediately and may be returned after a satisfactory inspection following your event.

4. If you are renting in the summer and would like to swim after the pool has closed, you will need to make arrangements for a lifeguard.  Jean can help you with those details.

5. Unless other arrangements are made, the day before your event you will need to stop by the Morgantown Zuber office to pick up the key to the clubhouse.

6. The day following your event (or the next business day), you will return to the Morgantown office to drop off your key. After a satisfactory inspection of the clubhouse, your check for the security deposit will be returned.


Heatherbrook HOA